Corner Gang featuring Freddy Lynxx and Kevin K


1. The corner gang
2. Junction
3. Reflections
4. Too many hearts
5. Still the only one
6. Dead boy running
7. Some kind of friends
8. Street values
9. No room for you
10. Hard to live
11. Viale glorioso

En écoute : "Street values" & "Dead boy running"

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Freddy Lynxx is a gifted parisian rock'n'roller who graduated from the same rock'n'roll school as Johnny Thunders-and consequently possesses the same authentic qualities. Lynxx creates memorable rock'n'roll, be it electrified of acoustic. The common ingredients being smooth vocals, superb melodies and a truckload of swagger. Lynxx has been treading the boards since the early 80's, and rose to prominence with the Jet Boys, whose guitar driven, Stones-inspired rock'n'roll saw them play across Europe and the United States. Since the mid 90's, Lynxx has pursued a burgeoning solo career.. His penchant for song full of rolling melodie hooks and impassed vocals have made him hot property in the rock'n'roll world. Lynxx has played, opened for, or recorded whith artists of the calibre of Johnny Thunders, Jeff Dahl, Nikki Sudden, The Dogs d'Amour, The Inmates, The Vibrators, Kevin K and Rick Blaze to name but a few. If music has the capacity to make you feel good, then Freddy Lynxx will no doubt leave you in a state of contented bliss - intoxicated on rock'n'roll !

(Colin GRAY)

Freddy Lynxx a enregistré "Bloodied up" au studio Tin Pan Alley pendant l'été 99, avec le Corner Gang. Ex-leader des Jet Boys, accompagnateur de Johnny Thunders, Jeff Dahl et Nikki Sudden, Freddy Lynx est un guitariste parisien très doué, aussi à l'aise en acoustique qu'en électrique. Avec "Bloodied up", il nous livre un rock classieux chargé d'électricité, rempli des riffs des écoles Keith Richards et Johnny Thunders,ses deux maîtres absolus.


Kevin K, Rock Molesso and Mad Max Gallo, ex "Road Vulture" and "Kevin K band".
Wild Bill Thomson, from The Senders, played also with Robert Gordon and the Stray Cats.
Phil Marcade from The Senders,played also with Johnny Thunders and the MC5 Wayne Kramer.
M. Ratboy from Sour Jazz, ex Motorcycle Boy, played also with Marky Ramone & the Intruders, and Jeff Dahl.
Patrick Klein and Giovanni Fusco:from Fuzzbox.
Elda Stiletto:ex Stilettos with Debbie Harry.

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